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Company Mission
The Company is a certified manufacturer and supplier of precision engineering products focused on the lot production for automotive industry in the sphere of fuel, brake and hydraulic elements.
Company Vision
The Company wants to be a stable supplier to primary automotive production with a growing share of export and a maximum impact on the use of modern technologies.

Company policy

  • Our Company is contingent on its customers and so the Company must understand current and future needs of its customers, meet their requirements and foresee their expectations.
  • Executives of the Company put in harmony its purpose and focus. They create and maintain the internal environment where employees may fully participate in achieving the Company goals.
  • Employees at all levels form a basis of the Company and their full involvement enables to use their capabilities in favour of the Company.
  • Activities and their related sources are managed as processes, thus results being achieved much more effectively.
  • Identification, understanding and management of mutually related processes as a system contribute to efficiency and potency of the Company at accomplishing its goals.
  • Continuous improvement of total performance is a permanent goal of the Company.
  • Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information.
  • The Company and its suppliers are dependant on each other and their mutually profitable relations increase their ability to create values.




management systems

Quality policyPersonal policyEnvironmental policy
  • Our company is dependent on their customers, that is why it has to understand contemporary and future customers requirements, it has also to satisfy their requirements and try to anticipate their expectations.
  • Executive staff supports harmony of the purpose and company focus. They create and keep internal relationship in which employees can be fully involved in at company aims reaching.
  • Employees on all levels are base of the company and their full integration enables take use of their abilities for the company benefit.
  • Activities and related sources are controlled as process and thereby is reaching of results more effective.
  • Identification, understanding and control of related processes as system contribute to the company efficiency and influence at their aims reaching.
  • Lasting company aim is continual improvement of the whole company capacity.
  • Effective decisions are based on data and information analyse.
  • Company and their delivers are each other dependent and mutually relation increases their ability to create value.
Of the firm Media EFEKT stands on three piles::

Employee motivation:

  • Integration of all employees to the company management, especially improving of working conditions and problem solution.
  • Regular employee appraisal by their superiors
  • Sophisticated system of financial and non-financial character
  • Employee awareness, objective setting of personal and professional development


  • Improvement of employee qualification and knowledge has the same priority as establishing of the new and productive technologies.
  • Knowledge and skills addition, which correspond to requirements for working place.
  • Regular training courses.
  • Substitutability matrix works by training courses and training on upwards machines.

New employees choice and education:

  • Long-termed cooperation with schools.
  • Qualification and skills verification.
  • Selection procedure with focus on quality system knowledge
  • Discipline and order are absolute matter of fact and common requirement of all company employees.
  • Optimal experiences and professional structure and employees stability.
Minimisation of our production influence on living environment and also control and improvement our company environmental profile in all processes and working activities belongs to our priorities.

Outlines of the environmental policy are:

  • To establish and improve EMS system according to the international standard ČSN EN ISO 14001:1997 in integration with the quality management system.
  • To lower work safety hazards and living and working environment stresses in all their activities.
  • Observance of the statutory instruments is considered as the base.
  • To prevent states of disrepair by prevention in all activities.
  • To low volume of produced waste and energetic demand factor and also to look for ways for raising usage of all raw materials and other material.
  • To inform regularly of our results and to involve all interested parts (e.g. delivers, customers, employees, state administration and public) in our endeavour at safety of living environment.

To fulfilment of this environmental policy is necessary for company management:

  • To secure sufficient financial, personal and other necessary sources awareness of interested parts both by deepening of internal communication within organisation and by intensifying of communication towards public, state administration bodies and other interested parts.
  • To verify influence, efficiency and adequacy of the established environmental system in regular intervals.
  • To accept in time effective arrangements for removing of disagreements in environmental sphere, to analyse causes of realised environmental disagreements and to accept arrangements for improving of the company environmental profile.

research and development
MEDIA EFEKT – research and development of just-in-time machinery driven by augmented reality technology
CZ.01.1.02 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 17_107 / 0012460

The subject of the project is the research and development of the use of augmented reality for the management of special high-precision engineering production. The work includes the development of control and display SW and the relevant HW, in which virtual 3D objects are integrated into the real environment and in real time. The aim of the project is to develop a system that will dramatically increase production performance at production level, significantly improve the speed and flexibility of decision making and production management. The project will be implemented with effective cooperation. Realization date: 30.11.2017 – 31.10.2020


energy savings

The company MEDIA EFEKT, s.r.o. joined the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness in the challenge “1st Call – Energy Savings” with two projects: “Installation of Solar PV system with acumulation in the company MEDIA EFEKT, s.r.o.” and : “Installation of Solar PV system in the company MEDIA EFEKT, s.r.o.”